Updated: Friday, 14 June 2024

Video Specialists in Manchester
Friendly Professional audio & video services
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Audio Specialists in Manchester
Friendly Professional audio & video services
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Specialist Transfer and Conversion of Video & Audio Cassettes, Camcorder Tapes and other media.

Operating from a dedicated home studio, my reduced overheads mean I can offer you the best prices and unparalleled service. With advanced equipment at my disposal, I can tackle a wide array of video and audio editing tasks, delivering outputs on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and common video file formats like .mp4 (H.264). Whether you’re looking for a direct transfer or need a file for personal editing via Cloud, YouTube, or Vimeo, I’ve got you covered.

Worried about damaged tapes? I offer repair services for them, ensuring a seamless transfer to DVD or video files. And if I can’t achieve a successful transfer? You won’t be charged a penny.
Additionally, I provide CD and DVD duplication services. Whether you’re supplying a disc or an ISO file, I ensure flawless replication with no minimum order constraints. Need data recovery? I can retrieve data from various sources, including floppy discs, hard drives, USB drives, CF cards, and SD memory cards.

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Audio Tapes and Cassettes:

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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for information on costs, procedures, and more. The prices are all-inclusive, covering the tidying up of audio and video, removing any redundant segments to enhance your viewing and listening experience. For those interested in DIY editing, I can provide raw footage in other formats such as ProRes, AVI, mpeg, and more.