Video Specialists in Manchester
Friendly Professional audio & video services
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Audio Specialists in Manchester
Friendly Professional audio & video services
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Specialist Transfer and Conversion of Video & Audio Cassettes, Camcorder Tapes and other media.

Operating from a dedicated home studio, my reduced overheads mean I can offer you the best prices and unparalleled service. With advanced equipment at my disposal, I can tackle a wide array of video and audio editing tasks, delivering outputs on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and common video file formats like .mp4 (H.264). Whether you’re looking for a direct transfer or need a file for personal editing via Cloud, YouTube, or Vimeo, I’ve got you covered.

Worried about damaged tapes? I offer repair services for them, ensuring a seamless transfer to DVD or video files. And if I can’t achieve a successful transfer? You won’t be charged a penny.
Additionally, I provide CD and DVD duplication services. Whether you’re supplying a disc or an ISO file, I ensure flawless replication with no minimum order constraints. Need data recovery? I can retrieve data from various sources, including floppy discs, hard drives, USB drives, CF cards, and SD memory cards.

Video Tapes:

Audio Tapes and Cassettes:

Digital Storage and Conversion:

Photography and Film:

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Before reaching out, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to gain insights into costs, procedures, and more. We emphasise this to ensure that our customers have clarity about our offerings. Our prices are all-inclusive, covering the tidying up of audio and video, removing any redundant segments to enhance your viewing and listening experience. For those interested in DIY editing, we can provide raw footage in formats like ProRes, AVI, mpeg, and more.