Transfer your family video tapes - DV, HDV, VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8, Hi8 and Standard 8mm to DVD, Blu-ray or video file. Also video from SD, CF Memory Cards and Mobile Phones. Transfer old audio cassettes and vinyl records to CDs. A great gift idea anytime of the year but especially for Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. CD & DVD duplication service - discs can be copied direct from your disc or your ISO image file - no minimum quantity. Data recovered from Floppy Discs, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, Compact Flash (CF) & SD Memory Cards.

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About Us

To the Wedding and Event Photographer

We offer our services to compliment your services. We have the equipment to capture the special moments in high quality, high definition audio and video as well as high quality standard definition using two cameras in synch. At the editing stage we can include your own selected still images and videos as required. Output to DVD, Blu-ray or other format.

Affordable Video Recording

We are equipped to record audio and video for use in most situations including:
Business advertising
Training videos
Plant and machine operations
Assembly processes
Online videos
Site Surveys
Property Inventories
Club activities & events
Personal & private activities
Output to DVD, Blu-ray, web, video file, YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Music & Audio Cassette Tapes

We can transfer your old audio cassette tapes and vinyl records onto CDs for playback on your CD player or onto DVD for playback on your DVD player through your television speakers or sound system.Choose your favourite tracks and have your own compilation CD.

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  • "Love your work, thank you very much this looks superb!" - Alana, Westhoughton

  • "It's fantastic thank you so much..... My Mum will be delighted." - Laura, Gloucester

  • "Thank you very much indeed for going through things. I will certainly recommend your services." - Mark, Lincoln

  • "Thank you, that was a fast response!" - Maureen, Westhoughton

  • "Many thanks mate, that is much appreciated !!!" - Mike, Hanwell, London

  • "...the work you have done is first class. Great, personal, service. I'm very grateful to you." - Pete, Balerno, Midlothian

  • "Very happy with the dvd. I've got a few more that I'll be sending in the post this week." - Zoe, Manchester

  • "These DVDs are great! Thanks Paul." - Kerry, Leigh, (by text msg)

  • "....That's great news...Many thanks" - Gemma, Flint

  • "Thank you so much you've done a great job with the Blu-ray...." - Bev, Golborne

Transfer of Video To DVD, Blu-ray or Video File for The Cloud, YouTube, Vimeo and others...

We can provide a much more personal service than Max Spielmann - we are much less expensive, can tailor to your personal requirements & give you a much quicker turnaround.


Max Spielmann charge around £20 for the first tape & £15 for each tape thereafter. We charge much less for a better service.


Choose to include the parts you want to or not, we will edit the video as you like Basically we will do what you want! Easily & Simply.



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We are well equipped to save your recorded video from tapes, mobile phones and memory cards and transfer it to DVD or Blu-ray to play on your home DVD player or to transfer it to video files for upload to The Cloud - video sharing web sites or for your own editing.
We can now offer our customers the option of storing their video on the new Millenniata M-DISC™
Discs that "will last a thousand years"!!
(Extra cost of £4 per DVD).

We can handle most video tapes including VHS, VHS-C, DV, HDV, Digital 8, Hi8 and Standard 8 tapes. Prices vary for the different types of tapes but as a rough guide please allow around £7 for a Mini-DV or VHS-C tape up to £10 - £12 for a full VHS tape. The price includes editing out any unwanted footage and long blank gaps if required.


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